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Daily Rhythm For Kids

We all need a daily schedule. We have things that we must get done each day. We go to work, have meals, take care of children, run errands and so on. Our days are very busy with real life. Depending on what season of life you are in, the flow of your day will vary. Do you ever feel like you have to constantly nag at your children to do the next thing in their day? Kids need predictability. It helps kids feel more confident in knowing how their day… Read more Daily Rhythm For Kids

Block Schedule

Life. Is. Crazy. We usually have way more activities on our schedule than we have time for in a day. Can I borrow some hours? Figuring out how to make everything fit in a day can be tough! I have tried different ways to make life work in the past. I have tried scheduling my day by the hour for every awake hour I have available. That led to constant frustration. It is difficult to plan days this way as there are so many interruptions and unexpected things that happen… Read more Block Schedule


I have spent most of my entire life suffering with generalized anxiety/panic disorder. If you have never suffered from an anxiety disorder, it can be difficult to understand just how debilitating it can be. I am an introverted extrovert. Most everyone along the way of my life would likely never know how badly I have suffered from anxiety. There are 5 different types of major anxiety disorders. Generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, panic disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder and social phobia. We all have feelings of anxiety, worry and fear sometimes.… Read more Anxiety


Imagine watching everyone else handle life so effortlessly while for you, getting out of bed some days looks like an impossible feat. Barely treading water. Impossible. The pain sometimes so unbearable that death seems a better alternative. Still I get out of bed. I get dressed. Put on my makeup and shoes. Show up and pretend to be like everyone else. Fraud. That is what I am. Maybe no one will notice. People talk to me and it’s a reminder to me just how lonely I actually am. I smile… Read more Depression

Prepare For Morning Success/Importance of Sleep!

Go. To. Bed. Seriously, just go to bed. This has always been and continues to be a difficult task for me. More difficult than waking at 5am! Waking early to tackle your days begins the night before. If we prepare the night before to wake up on time in the morning, we have a better chance of keeping our fingers off of that snooze button. Preparing will ensure success! I spent many years, most of my adult years eating junk food and binge watching Netflix after my kids went to… Read more Prepare For Morning Success/Importance of Sleep!