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Cleaning Schedule Part 1

We all have to clean our homes. It is just part of every day life that keeps things rolling. I do not like to spend hours at a time cleaning so I break up my days to tackle jobs a little at a time. By keeping up on cleaning jobs daily, my house never really gets too out of control. The biggest complaint I hear from other moms and dads is that they can’t seem to keep up with keeping their homes clean. Or they have to spend a whole… Read more Cleaning Schedule Part 1

30 seconds

30 seconds is all it takes to make someone feel validated. To make someone feel heard. To give someone hope. The deepest desire of the human heart is to belong, to be included and to know you are seen and valued. Although I sometimes feel small talk can be tedious, for me, it is such an important life skill I feel is worth the effort. One of my heart rules is to always speak to someone, strangers or not, if you can. It keeps us connected. It is one way… Read more 30 seconds

Life….On Purpose

I use to believe that just “going with the flow” of life was the best course for me. I felt tied down by schedules and planning out each day. I felt restricted. What I didn’t realize during that time is that by not being intentional with my days, I was missing all of the good stuff. I always felt “behind” some how. I was missing life! Do you ever wake up in the morning and then a whole bunch of stuff happens and then suddenly it’s dinner time and it’s… Read more Life….On Purpose

“Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life” ~ Charlotte Mason

“Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life” this was Charlotte Mason’s motto. This quote is based on Charlotte Mason’s 20 principles. In order to fully implement her method of education, you must fully understand these elements. Education is an Atmosphere ~ When I think of atmosphere, I think of our surroundings. I think of our homes being neat and tidy in a way that a child can be free from distractions. I think of what we watch on television and is the child being fed appropriate content. I think… Read more “Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life” ~ Charlotte Mason

Charlotte Mason

Who was Charlotte Mason? Charlotte Mason was an English educator in England at the turn of the 20th century. She had a firm belief that the child is a whole person and we must educate that whole person, not just their mind. Miss Mason describes it as a three pronged approach, in her words, “Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life.” What is a Charlotte Mason Education? Charlotte Mason had big ideas. It would be difficult to fully grasp how amazing she was with her ideas, philosophies and methods.… Read more Charlotte Mason