Cleaning Schedule Part 1

We all have to clean our homes. It is just part of every day life that keeps things rolling. I do not like to spend hours at a time cleaning so I break up my days to tackle jobs a little at a time. By keeping up on cleaning jobs daily, my house never really gets too out of control.

The biggest complaint I hear from other moms and dads is that they can’t seem to keep up with keeping their homes clean. Or they have to spend a whole day on their free weekend to catch up on chores. You do not have to live that way.

This system took some time for me to create. The first step to remember in setting up a cleaning routine is that Less stuff = More life. You must simplify and get rid of clutter. This process will be life/time changing for you. It is quite difficult to organize and keep clean a bunch of stuff we do not need or love. If you have less stuff to take care of, you will have more time to put into something you love. You will have more time for YOU.

I didn’t always live in a clutter free home. I use to have the piles of paper, clothes, toys, etc laying all around my home. It was challenging to keep up with so much stuff. I know that many people will say that you cannot have an effective cleaning routine if you have too much clutter and this is mostly true but please remember, this is real life and we can take our time in getting our homes tidy and creating a fantastic future routine. I de-clutter as I move along throughout my “zone” cleaning each week which I will share later on in a future post. So, give yourself grace and know that with some initial hard work, you can have a clean home.

We want to be efficient but also not over look jobs that really need to be done. If my cleaning jobs are not relatively quick and simple, I won’t do them. I have no time or desire to spend too much of my days cleaning.

How did I set up my cleaning schedule? I made a list of every single job that needed to be done in my home. I walked around my home into every room with a notebook and pen. When I initially set this process up, I had several little kids so it took me a couple of days to do this.

I walked into each and every room. I looked around and made a list of every single thing that would need cleaned in that room. Some examples of rooms would be family room, laundry room, kitchen, dining room, bathrooms, bedrooms, basement, garage, etc. I walked throughout each room twice checking my list to be sure I didn’t miss anything. I still did……

I wrote down things like clean television, clean baseboards, wash curtains, steam clean carpet, dust, wash bed clothes, etc. This list will be LONG!

Next step is to assign how often these jobs need to be completed. Next to each chore on my notebook paper, I listed how often I need to do these jobs. (D) Daily, (Wk) Weekly, (M) Monthly and (Y) Yearly.

If you forget a job that needs to be done in each room, it is Okay! I add and take away from my lists often as I find things I may have forgotten or things I no longer need to complete. I know when I first made my list of cleaning jobs I forgot things such as:

  • wiping down walls, switch plates and door knobs
  • vacuuming out vents on the floor/ceiling
  • cleaning out pet bowls
  • cleaning lids inside and out of washer/dryer
  • cleaning oven hood
  • cleaning/wiping out refrigerator
  • and I am sure there are other items I forgot but it has been a while since I set up this cleaning schedule………

Be very specific about every job that needs to be completed. We will eventually set up a system that will just be a way of life. These jobs will become a habit and you can flow throughout your days completing these tasks with little thought or effort.

Put in a little time to have a more peaceful, clean and clutter free home. I will be back with Part 2 of setting up your cleaning schedule next week.

I hope part 1 of setting up your cleaning schedule serves you well and Whatever you do, do with your whole heart. ❤

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