Daily School Rhythm

We are a homeschool family. In order for us to get all of our schooling done, we have to have a plan and focus on that plan. I do not like to assign times to our particular subjects. If I assign times, I get hung up on watching the clock and I get frustrated if we do not meet our time mark to move on to the next subject. I have found, for us, having a list of our subjects and just working on the next thing works best.

Listed is the rhythm of our day and in what order we do subjects. It is a nice flow of alternating sides of the brain we are using which helps the kids focus better. We pretty much stick to this rhythm every day. The kids know what to expect so they can flow from one subject to the next without issues…..(Usually 😬)

Daily Rhythm (School)

  • Call to Morning meeting (Write in gratitude journal ~ group)
  • Bible reading and narration loop (Morning meeting ~ group)
  • Recitation loop (Bible, Poetry, History speech, Hymn, Shakespeare) (Morning meeting ~ group)
  • Character reading and narration (Morning meeting)
  • Copy work and history
  • Math
  • 10 minute break (realistically it’s longer as they tend to disappear πŸ™‚ )
  • Spanish
  • Geography
  • Literature reading and narration
  • Art or map drawing
  • Science reading and narration
  • Tea time and poetry reading
  • Tea time activity and reading
  • Reading and narration
  • Foreign language or English grammar
  • Reading and narration
  • Shared wonder loop (Family Science experiments and nature walks)
  • Family culture loop (P.E., Art, foreign language,  life skills, read aloud, games, etc.)

We begin our school day at 9am. This is my goal each day. Some days we might not begin until later and that is okay. We just start our rhythm from the beginning of our school subjects and work through it until we are done. My younger students are generally done with their school day by lunch time. My high school students have a heavier load so they are not done until some time in the afternoon after lunch.

My younger students will come back to a group school setting after lunch to complete our Shared wonder loop and family culture loop as we do those subjects all together in the afternoon.

A loop schedule, putting it simply, is having a list of things you want to work on in each subject area and then each day, you move on to the next topic in each category. Attached below is our Bible Reading loop, Recitation loop, Shared wonder loop and family culture loop. All of these loop topics, we do as a group regardless of the age of the child. What I expect from each child will vary depending on their age.

We do not attend any co-ops or many outside of our home activities right now due to the covid19 pandemic. We do get loads of outside time each day to free play and explore.

I would love to hear how you all schedule your school days. Please share in the comments below.

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