Isn’t she dreamy? 😍 iRobot Roomba 675 Robot Vacuum.

Yes, she has a gender and a name. I love this girl. She does her job well.

Household management is tough. There are loads of jobs that need completed daily. We all have such limited time.

I am always on the lookout for ways to cut corners and lighten my chore load. I am not comfortable hiring a maid but I have way more important things to do other than cleaning.

Vacuuming, for me, is tedious and time consuming. I have 4 kids left at home and a furry dog. We HAVE to vacuum daily, sometimes twice a day to keep up on the messes and dog hair. I never thought a vacuum could bring me so much joy and enthusiasm.


  1. She Vacuums. Yup. That is her purpose. Cleans up all of the dust, debris and dog hair on both carpet and hard floors. She has an edge cleaning brush that will clean all along baseboards, corners and under edges of your couch and other furniture. She will auto adjust her brushes to the appropriate height to clean whatever surface she is on.
  2. She has sensors to allow her to navigate under, around and along edges of furniture. Another cool feature is cliff detection to keep her from falling down stairs. Smart, huh?
  3. She has an iRobot app for your phone. You can use the app to start/stop/pause Roomba. Set up timers. Receive “to-do” alerts if she needs her brushes cleaned or a new filter. What I love about this app is I can check in on Alice if I am in a different room or upstairs. If she gets hung up on something, my phone will alert me so I can go save her.
  4. She learns the lay out of your home so she can clean more thoroughly not to miss areas. You even get customized plans if she thinks you need to vacuum more often due to high pollen counts or during pet shedding season. Note: When you run her for the first time, she will clean in a zig zag manic sort of routine but be assured she is trying to figure out her new home. Eventually, she learns your home and will be less confused about these new surroundings.
  5. Automatically recharges. She will run for 90 minutes and then doc herself to home to get a good rest. You can dock her before the time runs out if you like but if you choose to just let her loose, she will dock herself when she is ready to recharge.

Just a couple of minor bothersome things to keep in mind. The debris cartridge is small. If you have animals especially, I have found I need to pause Alice and empty her out more often. If she gets too full, she won’t clean as well. She isn’t as loud as a regular upright vacuum but she is a little noisy. If you are trying to do a quiet activity like read or write, she can be a distraction. I have learned to block her noise out, kinda like how we do with kids. HA! She is a little pricey. I found her on Amazon on a good sale. I am sure other stores sell Roomba. You will have to price her out at other locations if you want to try and find a better deal but I found Amazon as having the best deal at the time of her purchase. She is fussy if your wifi is malfunctioning. She will not work without wifi.

There you have it. Alice wakes up every morning at her assigned time I gave her and does the work for me while I tackle more interesting areas of my life. She is worth much more than she costs. She saves me TIME. Time is so limited and precious. This investment is worth every penny!

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