Block Schedule

Life. Is. Crazy. We usually have way more activities on our schedule than we have time for in a day. Can I borrow some hours? Figuring out how to make everything fit in a day can be tough!

I have tried different ways to make life work in the past. I have tried scheduling my day by the hour for every awake hour I have available. That led to constant frustration. It is difficult to plan days this way as there are so many interruptions and unexpected things that happen in a day. Especially if you have kids. I would end up skipping so many things because I simply didn’t plan enough time.

I have tried having no schedule at all and just winging it. I am sure you can imagine how much I didn’t accomplish in a day this way. Having no schedule to stay on track is not a good idea. You have to have a plan so you can get the most out of each day.

What I have found works best for me is using a block schedule.


A block schedule is simply scheduling your day into 2-4 hour blocks to keep you on track. No one has more than 24 hours in a day to get all things done that we want to get done and all that we need to get done. A block schedule makes our every day choices ahead of time so we can get more done and be more productive. This way we can be ALL IN to complete tasks in a particular block instead of worrying about other tasks later in our day.


I use alarms on my phone to keep me on track. When my alarm goes off, I know it’s time to wrap up my current block even if every task assigned to that block didn’t get accomplished and move on to the next block. This has increased my productivity dramatically. I am no longer feeling behind all day long or forgetting important tasks I must complete.

  • Need to go to an appointment? Put that into afternoon/errands block
  • Have a play date? Put that into afternoon/errand block
  • Need to go grocery shopping? Put that into afternoon/errand block
  • Mountains of laundry? Put that into your morning block

I can plan my days so much easier and quicker now with a block schedule. When something comes up that I need to fit in, I immediately know where in my day it can be schedule.


Brain dump time! The first step I always like to take when making a daily schedule is to get the sleeping part of the day out of the way. We know we must sleep every day so that time is determined for us. I try to sleep 7 hours each night. I wake up at 5am each day. So I count backward from 5am and figure out when I need to begin my snooze time. For me I should be sleeping by 10pm each night. So, from 10pm-5am this is my sleep block. There is nothing else that I will allow into that block of time each day.

Next I write down everything I need/want to do in a day on a piece of paper.

  • Morning routine
  • Work or school (home school for my family)
  • Errands and doctor appointments
  • Play dates
  • Household chores
  • Meal times
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Shower/bedtime routine

Once you figure out all of your tasks that need to be completed in a day, you can plug them into whatever block those tasks belong in.

Here is my real life block schedule

Block 1: 5am-9am Morning block

  • Wake up/morning routine
  • Shower
  • Start chore list
  • Fill crock pot if needed
  • Work on blog
  • Wake kids/morning routine for kids
  • 20 min walk
  • Breakfast

Block 2: 9am-1pm School block

  • Home School

Block 3: 1pm-3pm Lunch block

  • Lunch/Clean up
  • Finish home school if needed
  • Chores (Zone clean)

Block 4: 3pm-6pm Afternoon/Errands block

  • Errands
  • Make phone calls
  • Outside play dates
  • Focused play with kids
  • Dinner prep

Block 5: 6pm-8pm Evening block

  • Dinner/Clean up
  • Extracurricular activities
  • 1hr of kid outside play between 7p-8p to get wiggles out before bed

Block 6: 8pm-10pm Bedtime block

  • Bedtime routine ( kids showers/tuck in/stories/etc)
  • Lights out at 10pm

I use this schedule Monday – Friday. Some days aren’t perfect and we might be out of the house for an entire day on a field trip or some other event keeping us out and that is just fine. Most days, we can get in some major productivity action.

I believe a block schedule can work for most everyone no matter their life circumstances. It can work if you have a full time job, go to school, stay at home mom, retired or any other life situation you have going on.

If you work outside of your home, you can still schedule blocks. You would have a morning routine/chore block, work block including lunch block, evening/chore block and bedtime block. There are so many ways you can construct your day into blocks to be as productive as you can. Smooth productive days are so rewarding.

I hope you find this useful and whatever you do, do it with your whole heart. ❤


  1. Shannon, I am total with you on blocking our time. Your block scheduling idea will help me in my better time management. Thank you so much and I hope to see more posts on time management. Time is the most vital and most perishable asset.

    Liked by 1 person

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