My 5am Morning Routine

I know waking a 5am sounds crazy enough but to actually DO stuff that early? Insanity! What kind of crazy person gets up at 5am AND does….stuff? I talk here, Wake up at 5am! about the why and how I wake at 5am every day. Let’s discuss what I actually DO.

Waking at 5am really does begin the night before so you are well rested to crush your morning. Be sure to have a solid night time routine and get plenty of sleep. There is a lot of research about the amount of sleep that adults should have each night to have optimal health. My sweet spot is getting 7 solid hours of sleep each night. For me, less than 7 hours of sleep makes me feel tired, grumpy and groggy all day. If I sleep more than 7 hours, my body hurts and I feel groggy and lazy all day.

A solid morning routine has been life changing for me. I am more productive throughout my day. I get twice as much done in my day than I use to. Physically, I am stronger, more fit and I have more energy. Mentally, I am no longer suffering with depression and anxiety as severely as I once was. I feel more calm. More at peace. Spiritually I have found purpose in my life and I have grown closer to God.

When I use to wake up later each morning, I always felt behind. My kids hit the floor running out of bed each morning. If I get up when they do, I am rushing to get myself together while trying to meet their needs at the same time. This creates a lot of stress for me. I need time to get myself together before my loves get up for the day.

One important step I take is to plug in my phone to charge in a different room at night so I am not tempted to scroll social media or watch YouTube late at night. My phone is a huge distraction for me so it’s best to keep it out of my bedroom. Another important step is to get a good and loud alarm clock. These days I wake early most days before my alarm clock but in the beginning, I needed something to kick me out of bed. Consistency creates habit.

When I wake at 5am I give myself 3 seconds to make a decision. Do I jump out of bed knowing that to complete my morning routine will make my whole day more smooth and productive? Do I hit snooze and doze back off knowing that by waking later, I cannot complete my morning routine and this will only cause me to feel behind all day? I almost always make the snap decision to get right up. It is always worth it.

Magical Morning Routine!

  • Wake up and do my bathroom routine (you know…things people do like brush teeth and stuff)
  • Drink a warm glass of water (benefits include: prevents constipation, detoxifies body, aids digestion, clears congestion, relieves menstrual cramps, improves circulation)
  • Make coffee (1 cup with dairy free caramel creamer, yum!)
  • Journal for 20 min (I journal about whatever is on my mind; goals, worries, random stuff, and then I try to write out a solution or a plan to meet my goals) During this time I also write in my gratitude journal so I can remember how blessed I am
  • Read for 20 min (I read good books for the soul. Encouraging and motivational books)
  • Exercise (I jog or do an exercise video for cardio like belly dancing alternating every other day then I do push ups each day)
  • Meditate 10 min (I am new to meditation but I hope to increase my time eventually)
  • Shower and dress for the day (I have a skin care routine I do daily)
  • Take vitamins with another glass of warm water
  • Look over my calendar and make sure I know where I am suppose to be and when for the day
  • Eat breakfast (Usually yogurt and granola or oatmeal and fruit)

There are many ways you can construct your morning to get the most benefits for yourself. You might have to play with your morning routine a bit to see what works best for you. My current morning routine has been perfect for me during this season of life.

If you do not currently have a morning routine that focuses on yourself, my list will likely look overwhelming. I did not start my 5am morning routine journey this way. You might have to start slow by only focusing on one or two things at once. You can gradually add new things to your morning routine over time.

My routine lasts approximately 2 hours. This is my time to nurture my heart, mind, soul and body. I am recharged and ready for my crazy productive day.

Whatever you do, do it with your whole heart.

Be safe and Stay well ❤


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