Planning ahead is the key to being productive. If you are anything like me, mating socks is one of my least favorite chores. We have a pretty large family of 6 left at home. That’s a lot of feet that live here and so a lot of socks! We have colored socks, stripped socks, black socks, white socks, short socks, long socks and all the socks in every color and size. Mating them is tedious. Mating them is time consuming. My solution use to be…..


Original old beat up black hole sock bag!

Look at that nightmare above. I disliked mating socks so much that after washing and drying them, I would take them out of the dryer and toss them all into this massive bag. At least all of the socks are all together, right? What a ridiculous cluster this is.

Each morning I would have to dig through the sock bag to find each person a sock. Then I would have to find a match so both feet had a sock. 12 feet needs socks every single day. Whew! My hand entering that bag to search for a pair of socks was more like entering the twilight zone for sock bags. Seriously. Nothing productive about this routine at all.

After years of this process, I had to come up with a new solution. I knew I hated mating socks and I hated to search through a bag for them even more. I didn’t care if the socks were kept in the dressers in everyone’s room. I just needed an efficient way to manage this huge amount of socks in my house.

My first solution was, I bought everyone basic white socks. Some of them had the gray heels and toes. Some were different sizes. I thought this would help the process go smoother each day. Instead, I had a nightmare bag full of white socks. At least the ones that the washer didn’t eat. I kept brainstorming to make this sock dilemma a more stream lined process. That’s when it hit me……..


I am telling you, this system has changed everything! What a breath of fresh air! These cheap baskets I got at dollar tree are hanging in my tiny laundry room. Each person has their own basket. I hang them on command hooks which were also inexpensive.

My sock process now? After washing and drying socks, I take the socks out of the dryer and I immediately toss into the person’s basket that the socks belong to. I do not mate them. I do not fold them. I toss them into the person’s basket they belong to and forget it!! Now each person in my family goes to their basket hanging on the wall each morning, grabs 2 socks and moves on with life. For only $6, everything changed for my sock process.

I bet you never knew that socks could become such a deep topic, huh? Well….it is no longer a topic in my house! My new system works. It’s efficient. It saves time!


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