Laundry Sorting

Does this look familiar?

We have good intentions. Wash, dry, fold and put away our laundry. All three steps for every load, right? For me, it use to be more like wash, dry and toss on the couch and I will “come right back” to fold and put all of the laundry away.

The reality was, I would toss that clean load of laundry on the couch and suddenly someone was hungry. Someone pooped. Toddlers are fighting over 1 spoon that looks identical to the other 10 spoons in the drawer. You know….real life….

I would leave the laundry on the couch until the next load was washed and dried. Then I would toss the next load on the couch. I kept making that pile bigger and bigger.

Sometimes, I would fold all of the laundry gathered on the couch. I separated into piles for each person in my household with intentions of putting it all away. The reality was, we would dress each day out of those pesky piles left on the couch. What did I do all day anyway?? Inevitably, the toddlers would jump into Mt. Washmore, throw the separated clothes piles onto the floor, toss the clothes around with their sticky hands (that was peanut butter, right?). The dog enjoyed laying on the soft, comfy laundry on the floor. I would have to rewash and restart the whole ridiculous process. Gettin’ a lot done around the Johnson household, huh?

I. WAS. DONE. Totally. D.O.N.E. That is when my laundry sorting system was born. I would venture to guess that this is no new idea but I am evidently a slow learner. I must take the long way around first.

Tiny space in laundry room.

Magical isn’t it? Feel that release of stress from the piles of visual clutter. I found these baskets for $2 each at Walmart. They have been worth so much more in just my sanity alone. I have 3 shelves in my tiny laundry room where I store these baskets.

How do I do it?

1. Wash.

2. Dry.

3. Take clean laundry from the dryer and toss into 6 separate baskets. One for each person. No folding required.

4. Call kids down 2 times a week to take their basket and put their own small pile of laundry away.

5. Remind kids to bring the basket back and put it where it belongs. Remind them again.

This process has really boosted my productivity. No folding. No stacking. No re-washing. No more stress! If you struggle with this same issue, try it out. I think you will be so happy you did!

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