Prepare For Morning Success/Importance of Sleep!

Go. To. Bed. Seriously, just go to bed. This has always been and continues to be a difficult task for me. More difficult than waking at 5am! Waking early to tackle your days begins the night before. If we prepare the night before to wake up on time in the morning, we have a better chance of keeping our fingers off of that snooze button. Preparing will ensure success!

I spent many years, most of my adult years eating junk food and binge watching Netflix after my kids went to bed every night. I felt like I deserved that after a long and exhausting day chasing around kids and doing all of the things required to keep a household running. I just really felt I needed that time to chill out before getting to bed. Little did I know back then, having my morning time for “me” time would greatly improve my overall mental, physical and spiritual health.

NO WAY would I get up early with a late night schedule every single night and at 5AM it would be impossible to rise if I didn’t go to bed until 2AM! This routine continued for years until I made the decision to shift my thinking and shift my days around. I am so grateful that I chose to! You can read about my 5AM morning magic here, Wake up at 5am!

You know how it goes, kids go to bed then we run around the house crazy doing dishes, cleaning up dirty underwear and towels off the floors, putting toys away, feeding animals, turning off lights, locking doors, etc. All the crazy parent stuff we have to do at night before we get to rest is exhausting! I have had to work really hard at scheduling my days to make this morning magic happen for me. I have had to become a better manager of my home! I will get to my household management in a later post.

I start my bedtime routine with my kids at 9PM! If you knew me in my previous life of being a sloth, you would say that is absolute nonsense. It is true! 9PM we begin our routine for a good night sleep. At 9PM my reminder alarm I have set in my phone goes off. This is when our bedtime routine begins. We get our bathroom things done and then off to bed for stories and tuck in time. Then by 10PM, lights out for everyone in our house for an amazing night of sleep!

Sleep is so important for our health! Listed below is the good stuff.

Benefits of Sleep!

  1. Reduces Stress (When you are tired, you are less patient and more easily agitated and that can increase your stress levels)
  2. Reduces inflammation in our bodies (Poor sleep is linked to inflammatory bowel disease and increases the risk of relapse if in remission)
  3. Improves memory (More sleep means better memory. Poor sleep has been shown to impair brain function and problem-solving skills)
  4. Improves mood (More sleep means you are less grumpy and can make better decisions throughout your day)
  5. Prevents depression (One study shows that chronic insomnia can increase your chances of anxiety and depression. Your mind needs time to work through emotions while you sleep)
  6. Helps maintain a healthy weight (Sleep deprivation messes up hormones which increases your temptation for unhealthy foods. If you are tired, you also move less which burns less calories)
  7. Boosts Immune system (Studies have shown that sleeping less than 7 hours each night can weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to illness)

There are many more benefits to good sleep but with the above listed, I can definitely get on board with these amazing benefits of good sleep!

My bedtime routine was a TOTAL GAME CHANGER. Give yourself permission to prioritize only what is important and forget the rest. Give yourself grace. We don’t need a perfect home, right? Let go of that guilt and get some sleep. Your family will thank you. You will feel better about yourself.

Let’s make those lists shorter and prioritize!

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